It should go without saying that riding and work shirts need to be tough enough to take whatever the day can throw at them.

At Roundyard, we’ve been fitting tough as nails work and riding shirts to whoever walks in the door and asks for one – or these days clicks online. And when they walk back out again they know the shirt they’ve purchased will stand whatever tests will come its way from tackling the working day or being in the saddle.

But tough is not enough. It also has to look good. Country wear is as stylish as fashion comes, combining rugged, classic lines with eye-catching colours and patterns. We love nothing better than the combo of a good pair of boots, belt, jeans, shirt and hat to clothe a country gent or lady.

That’s why at Roundyard, we stock the best work and riding shirts money can buy with affordable and stylish designs from leading brands like Wrangler, Thomas Cook and Just Country with 1/2 button designs or full fastening.

Whether you’re after a check pattern or a bold colour, we’ve got you covered. Our shirts will not only do the job, but you will also look good doing it, with excellent durability ensuring your shirt will be in service for a long time.

Roundyard prides itself on prompt and efficient service, whether you come to our store at 74 Callide St in the great town of Bilolea, or find us online. We are quick to respond to any and all queries and have competitive prices that ensure you get the best value for your hard-earned money.

So if you’re after work and riding shirts that combine the best of country style with rugged, wear-resistant toughness, then Roundyard has you covered.